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How to Create a Gig on Fiverr and Get Sales ( A Beginner’s Insight)

Like me, you are new to freelancing and probably to Fiverr. 

Maybe you got inspired by Mike Nadri and decided to create a gig on Fiverr. 

But, here is the thing. Starting out, seems complicated. 

I can totally understand if you are overwhelmed or stuck. Atleast, I was when I started. 

The problem is, there aren’t many first hand insights for beginners to cross the first step i.e.: to create a gig. 

So, I have decided to create this article, where I will share what I have tried and tested on Fiverr. 

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Let’s start with the first question

What exactly is a Fiverr Gig? 

In simple words, a Gig is a single sales page where a seller like you can list out your specific service and rates. It looks something like this. 

how to create a gig on fiverr

For example, if you have experience in SEO content writing, you can create a GIG on Fiverr with that on your title. You can then add the rates of your service. 

When a buyer comes on Fiverr and searches for a service, he finds your Gig, clicks on it  and avails your service. 

How many Gigs Can You Create in Fiverr? 

Fiverr has different levels for writers. So, when you start off, Fiverr lets you create 7 active Gigs

As you progress each level, which you can do by completing more orders and maintaining a >4 star rating, you can create more Gigs. 

In short, if you are a beginner, you can create 7 Gigs (ie: sales pages)  offering your 7 unique services. 

How does Fiverr Rank your Gig? 

Just like Google, Fiverr uses different ranking metrics to rank your page. The short answer is that no one really knows how Fiverr will rank your Gig. 

But, you can increase your chances by following the 10 guidelines for beginner sellers on Fiverr. 

Basically, you need to make a GIG that will be relevant to the buyers you want. 

How to get started with creating a Gig? 

First thing you need to do is to shut down all the noise and simply implement a few tips from the  top 10 tips for beginner sellers on Fiverr article from Fiverr. 

This gives you the ground rules to start on Fiverr. 

Did I follow this guide entirely? Not really. Let me share with you what I did after skimming through this guide. 

How I created my first Fiverr Gig as a Beginner? 

#1. Create a List: 

First, I skimmed through the points within the top 10 tips for beginner sellers. 

Then, I just wrote down 3-5 services I could offer. So, these were 

  • SEO Content Writing 
  • YouTube Scripting 
  • Copywriting for emails
  • Content Strategy 

I realized that, I was confident about SEO content writing for blogs or YouTube scripts. 

#2. Create a Gig price: 

Next, I searched for “SEO content writing” on Fiverr. To get an idea of the price, I sorted the Fiverr search results based on newest arrivals. So, this way I know what rates to set. 

So, on average the lowest price was INR 419/-, the median was around INR 837/- and some sellers had even set INR 2000/- 

Most sellers offer basic, standard and premium pricing plan. For example: in a basic plan a writer charges INR 419/- for writing 500 words (<INR 1 per word), INR 837 for 1000 words and INR 1256 for 1500 words. 

Since the highest price was INR 2000/- and since I had 3 years of experience, I decided to set my base price at INR 1500/- for 500 words. (INR 3 per word) 

#3. Add Videos, Proofs, Thumbnail 


Since Fiverr, suggested that videos in Gigs can increase its reach by 200%, I decided to put a video. 

There is a video on how to create a covering letter on Upwork. I tweaked this video to make a video script for my gig on Fiverr. 


Post that, I also uploaded proofs of my previous work. For example, screenshots of blogs ranking on Google, analytics from Google search console etc. 

Also, I uploaded PDF’s of blog articles I had written. 


I went on to Fiverr, sorted the results for “Seo content writing” based on best sellers. 

Why? Because if someone is a best seller, probably they have a good thumbnail as well. 

So, here I saw that the best sellers added a colorful thumbnail, listing their services and mention social proof. Also, they add a call to action like Let’s chat or Order now. 

Using these guidelines, I made a thumbnail from Canva, uploaded the Gig and made it LIVE on Jul 14th 2022. 

So far, I felt I have done everything right from my part. I thought I will get more requests from buyers. But, no. My gig was buried somewhere within Fiverr. 🙂 

#4. So, Why Can’t I find my Gig on Fiverr Search? 

So, I did a quick search on how soon a gig pops up on Fiverr. And as per Fiverrs managing your gigs article, a Gig’s position is based on the seller’s performance over a set period. 

Fiverr considers factors like order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness of the seller to roate the gigs. Here is what Fiverr mentions 

If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5-star feedback, delivering on time, communicating quicker, and so on all counts. For this reason, ensure that you provide high-quality and original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, are responsive, and always remain professional.” 

In short, to rank on Fiverr, you need to get a good feedback from clients. But, how can you get clients when Fiverr doesn’t show you on the search? 

This leads me to go back to the drawing board and analyze how I should improve my current gig. 

Mistakes I Made While Creating my First Gig (That You Should Avoid) 

#1. I Choose a Crowded Niche 

Initially, I choose the SEO Content Writing niche. What I didn’t notice was that, this niche had more than 80,000 sellers like me. 

Maybe that’s one reason why my gig may not rank so easily here. 

Infact, I have missed the #1 point mentioned in the create a Fiverr gig guide, which is to choose a small niche. 

If I want my gig to rank on Fiverr, I need a way to make it stand out. This I can do by branching out to something small and by offering something attractive. 

#2. I Set a Price Tag Which is High 

For a beginner gig with no reviews, I feel my price is high. Fiverr and other professionals in this space, recommend that I startout with 5$ and work my way up. 

This is something, I need to try. 

#3. I didn’t consider SEO 

When you create a gig, Fiverr asks you to give it a title. Once you publish the gig, this title is used in the fiverr URL. Sadly, this will be a permanent URL. 

So, whatever goes to your first published title will be in the URL. 

Fiverr provides SEO keywords and suggestions within the search bar and on the dashboard. I need to learn to use them. 

#4. I haven’t set a Workflow 

My mind just thinks about getting that gig. 

But, getting a gig in Fiverr is not the final frontier. But, consistently maintaining good reviews and delivery time is important. 

For instance, I already have a day job. So, I should have a workflow so that I can set the right expectations with clients. Again, as a beginner I don’t know how this can be done. 

#5. I haven’t reached out to anyone 

As a newbie, Fiverr doesn’t know me. The Fiverr algorithm probably judges my gig based on the reviews, customer feedback and my activity. 

So, its upto me to reach out to buyers or prospects. Without it, I don’t think I will get clients. In short, I need a marketing plan for Fiverr. 

Corrections I Made Afterwards 

#1. Lower my price to 5$ 

Right now, I had set my base price to 20$. Since, my goal is to get clients and their reviews, I am lowering my price to the lowest range of 5$. 

#2. Changed my niche to B2B Business 

#3. Added SEO keywords in the descriptions and tags 

How I got my First client 

Im waiting… I will add more details here.

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