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The Most Important Quality You Need To Have as a Freelancer (Beginners Guide)

“Which quality is most important for a freelancer?” You wonder 

You have heard about freelancers who make money while they sleep – freelancers who live life on their own terms, making crazy seven figure incomes month on month from the comfort of their homes. 

Now, you want to join that league of successful money making freelancers. And you want that one quality you need to master to get there. 

So, here is the answer: Schedule tasks on your calendar.  

I recently enrolled in a course from Smartblogger – the crazy good content course. 

And the first thing they asked me was to schedule the time to work. 

And its true. 

What I have found is, if I don’t schedule a task, it doesn’t get done. 

Most likely, you are a working professional, who wants to try freelancing on the side. 

And you know how hard it is. Just when you want to work on your freelancing idea, your work comes in between, you get distracted, tired or simply demotivated. 

As a result, sometimes important things – like becoming a freelance writer gets pushed into the background just because it’s not scheduled. 

As per the stats from Smartblogger,students who have an attitude of “I’ll squeeze it in when I have time” fail to complete their sample content 95% of the time. 

On the other hand, students who consistently work on the material everyday until they are finished are successful nearly 100% of the time.

The lesson?

Right now, decide what time of day you will work on the course materials. Even if it’s only an hour every day, dedicate the same time each day to making progress.

What I have done is to schedule time to work on my freelancing projects first thing in the morning. So, I get up early to make it happen and also I setup a calendar that looks like this. 

which quality is most important for a freelancer?

Someday, it doesn’t work. But what I have realized it, by setting a consistent time to work and setting reminders, I kind of look forward to writing early in the morning. 

Its a lot easier for me to get ideas. If you have trouble getting ideas, I totally understand. You can also check out this article on how to overcome writers block if you are just starting out. 

In short, practice the habit of scheduling your calender. 

Do NOT go into taking freelance projects without these reminders in place. You’ll only be hurting yourself! 

Got it scheduled?

You promise?

Great, you now know which quality is most important for freelancers. Master it to the best of your abilities. Practice growing your skills. 

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