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How To Write Your First Blog Post That You Really Want to But Never Do

You want to write your first blog post and get started with blogging.

You have a website. But, that damn post never seems perfect to be published.

Till yesterday, you believed these 4 words: “I am a writer” 

Today, you wonder if you are even one. You haven’t written a single blog post. Maybe you have started to believe that you are just a lazy wannabe writer.

Now, before you truly believe that, I would say, give yourself another chance. 

And here’s why. 

The jump between a wannabe writer and a real writer is not that far.

In this post, let me share 3 easy steps that you can use to write your first blog post and actually go from a wannabe writer to a real writer. 

Step #1: Issue a Death Warrant to the Writer in You

Here is a question to ask yourself. 

If you had only 25 mins to live, and all you could do was to share your knowledge on paper, what would you write about?

What one information would you like to leave on this planet, if you are gone in 25 mins.

Just write about anything you will happily share with this world, after setting a 25 min timer. Firstly, this is the perfect length of time to stop procrastination and push to get the task done.

Secondly, it will force you to start writing your blog post within that limited time frame. To know more details, you can read about the pomodoro technique.

Step #2: Two Words to Remember When You Can’t Write

After setting your timer, stop wondering too much on what to write in your first blog post. 

For god sake don’t google. There is this 16,000 word guide on how to write your first blog post. Seriously? How tough should writing your first post be?

Here are two words I have for you: Just write. 

If you can’t think of anything, just start writing whatever comes to your mind. 

Maybe it’s about self help, fitness or marketing. Always start with what you know and like. 

Also, don’t worry about which niche you need to target at the moment. 

Smartblogger says that there are only 31 profitable niches you should blog about. That’s something you should worry about later. 

For now, find out, get your words on paper and start writing. 

Step #3: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Your first blog post will probably suck. People may not like it. 

Your ideas may be very childish. 

Let it be. 

Your job isn’t to write the perfect copy or impress your readers. Instead, it is to get over the barrier of publishing your first blog post. 

Here’s a tip: Don’t give yourself more than 60 mins to write your first blog post. Once you have spent 60 mins, just publish the post. Don’t make it perfect. 

You Are Now a Real Writer

Congratulations. You have successfully moved from a wannabe writer and you are on the way to become a pro writer. 

The difference between a wannabe writer and a pro writer is that pro writers are hustlers.

Pro writers constantly challenge themselves to write something new. That’s why they are never stuck. 

They don’t care much about perfection. Most of the time, they don’t know many things. But they don’t stop or think too much. Instead they take action. 

And by publishing your first blog post, you already have taken action and become a pro writer. 

Now, it’s time for you to think of writing the next blog post. You can do that by starting a writing daily habit and preparing a schedule on your calendar. 

All the best. 

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